Couple’s ability to pull through the hard times

Can couples recover from anything? A blanket statement like “couples can recover from anything” is simply inherently flawed. We are all unique individuals, and each relationship between two individuals is specific and unique. For better or worse, there are some individuals and couples who will be more adept at overcoming or recovering from adversity and some who will buckle and fall under the weight of the challenge. With that being said, there are some instances in which couples who may not have the best odds or who aren’t naturally inclined to battle through difficult times can in fact power through and recover. What is the hardest situation for a couple to pull out of? It’s tough to top infidelity. The act of sharing intimacy with another person – physically or emotionally – is often too much for a relationship to bear. It represents the lack of a true symbiotic connection between two people, as one of or both of the individuals sought intimacy with another.

Recovering from infidelity takes serious perseverance and a diagnosis and cure of whatever underlying issues caused the infidelity, but it will take serious work and forgiveness. What does it take for a couple to get through hard things together? Above all else, it takes a willingness for both couples to successfully get through the hard things. No matter how much we love each other, not every day in a relationship is rainbows and butterflies. Marrying someone is about finding someone who you can choose to love even during the hard time. Even when neither of you are at your best, you’ll wake up in the morning saying that you’re committed to making it work with the person and carrying through.

There are some couples who have the best possible tools, therapy and counseling available to them but neglect them because they are okay with allowing the relationship to whither and die. There are also couples who are unprivileged, lack institutional resources to help them repair their relationships, but manage to anyway on the back of sheer willpower and determination. The key ingredient to get through a difficult time is a desire to find the light at the end of the tunnel. What are signs of success? failure? A true sign of repair success in a couple is the ability to look back on the difficult time that was battled through and make light of it. If the recollection or discussion of a difficult time sparks hard feelings or an argument, there are likely underlying feelings that still need to be worked through in order to achieve *true* repair.

A couples ability to withstand hard times is founded on their ability to respect each other. At the end of the day different people cope with things differently. Being able to be open with each other and harnessing effective communication can go a long way in making sure that you stay together through thick and thin. It’s not everyday that you come across real life hardships that will test your relationship, but when those things do occur, you can’t just give up on each other.

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