Constipation is technically described as passing less than 3 stools a week – anything less is considered severe constipation. There are a number of things that could cause constipation such as stress, poor diet and even medication that you may be taking at the time. But can taking ibuprofen be linked to constipation and what should you do to help relieve the symptoms of constipation once you have it. Because everyone is different, the side effects of a drug like ibuprofen may differ from person to person. Some may experience negative side effects after a single dosage – others after a little more. While constipation is generally considered a rare side effect when using ibuprofen, it can still happen. As I mentioned earlier, the amount needed to bring about these kinds of symptoms will differ from user to user. If you start experiencing constipation or feel any form of discomfort in your stomach after having taken ibuprofen for any period of time, please refrain from taking the drug immediately – at least until you’ve managed to get rid of the constipation. Thankfully, treating constipation isn’t that difficult. Try increasing the amount of exercise you do on a regular basis (2-3 times a week is best, even if it’s just going for a walk). Also be sure that you’re getting enough fluids in on a regular basis – and be sure to increase your fiber intake.

Fresh fruits and vegetables do wonders for relieving constipation and adding bran muffins or bran-based food bars to your diet can allow your body to help pass stool more effectively. Follow this routine for at least two weeks and you should see a pretty significant difference in your constipation. Ibuprofen can be a boon to some, but a nightmare for others. As someone who falls in the latter category, Ibuprofen is a nightmare. Even though it is a major component in allergy medicine, the only allergy I have ever suffered from is to Ibuprofen, which seems ironic. In some cases with people, Ibuprofen has been shown to cause swelling in the eyes, eventually leading to temporary blindness. It is a scary and weird reaction that affects dozens of people each year. Back on the subject of constipation, there are other ways to alleviate this pain. By focusing your raw potential into your butt, you can generate enough propulsion to unclog your systems and finally get some sweet release from the pain in your lower stomach. Find your calm and happy place and focus on what about it makes you feel serene. Then, imagine a rocket entering liftoff. This is where it gets somewhat extreme. Find your angry place. This is the place where everything has been going wrong and generate enough force to punch a demon in the face and knock him flying backwards. Through this method of focus and concentration can constipation be ceased and relief be increased. Use any of the above methods to find what works for you and have a more relaxed lifestyle of peace and calmness now that the anger of constipation is behind you.

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