Going Natural And Being A Woman

Ah to be a woman. The men in our lives will never realize how much thought we place on glamour and beauty and looking cute. I think it’s a big difference in how women seem to understand each other and men seem clueless. Yes, there are men that groom themselves extremely well, but its from a whole different approach. The funny thing is, that as much as we complain about it, we love doing it. If I have an hour to just get pretty, I’ll spend that whole hour getting pretty. If I have ten minutes, I can breeze through a makeup routine.


On the other hand, the rigorous routine is definitely not only done because we enjoy it, don’t get me wrong. We struggle to go out in the world and do the same jobs as men. The struggle is not to do the job, the struggle is to try and get treated the same and taken seriously. In order to do that, many women including me feel like we must have our glam game on fleek. Every woman knows the struggle of feeling absolutely gross, but hoping that they put themselves together nicely to still come off as graceful and beautiful. I know I’m obviously generalizing. There are plenty of women not like that, but in the professional world that surrounds me, and even in my personal life, I see it every day.

My personal routine from day to day requires so many products. From creams to lotions to makeup to setting spray, hair mousse, conditioner, and the list goes on. I don’t know when it happened but the magnitude of the amount of chemicals and random synthesized ingredients that I was putting on my body started alarming me. One time when I was trying a new leave-in conditioner, I felt a weird itching feeling in my scalp. We I guess it’s working I thought. Pretty soon the itching turned into burning. As I hastily washed out my hair, I scanned the ingredients on the bottle looking for a clue to the origin of my reaction. I could barely understand a word on the ingredients. I had a frightening thought to myself, that everything that I am applying topically is penetrating my precious body. All these chemical are making their way into my bloodstream and damaging the body that I try to constantly beautify and take care of. It was time to really take car of my body.


Slowly I started to change to natural products. Main brand Body wash became goat milk and coconut soap with 6 ingredients. My lipstick became organic edible lipstick with jojoba oil. My sulfate filled false fragrance shampoo became tea tree oil shampoo by Maple Holistics and so on. I’m not gonna give anyone the notion that natural products can’t harm them. However, your body knows how to handle these raw natural ingredients much better. Your body isn’t synthesized, so why should everything that you put in your body be.


Once I started, I haven’t gone back I’ve become weary of companies that just brand themselves as natural and aren’t really. Either way, if you want to be in a good place, your head’s gotta be in the write place, and I’m glad mine is, just as I’m glad that I’m a woman.

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