Success Without Books


There have been a lot of things that have almost held me back from succeeding in life. Among those things was the fact that I never went to school. I had always wanted to but then again I kind of liked feeling like a nomad roaming around while the other kids were busy. It did have its times of loneliness I can’t deny this, however I firmly believe that in building this inner fortitude from a young age and was a huge contributor to my independent mind and the reason I made millions. That and my insatiable curiosity for anything I saw met or read about on Edumuch.

To answer your question, how did you make so much money for a random wandering, uneducated kid? Well I saved up some money and flew to china, from there I got in touch with some manufacturers that were making the exact same product they were making in my city. Then I brought their offer sheet back home. Jumping back to how we started this whole story of mine there are several things that missed out on. My speaking of the English language was excellent, I would sit with older wiser men and just shoot the breeze for hours so I could talk just fine. Writing and spelling however, that was a bit more problematic. My grammar was as awful as an immigrant fresh from a third world country where he couldn’t tell you the difference between English and Japanese. Evenbill-300x179 though I got myself a meeting with a middle level exec at the company just by purely hanging out around the parking lot and bothering everyone until someone would meet me for a quick lunch. I pitched my scheme and he seemed intrigued but when I pulled out my papers that I had made up to show him he nearly fell off his chair in laughter. He told me It would have been better if I tried writing mandarin, seeing my face go red he asked. “Boy, do you know how to read and write?”

“Yeah I can read and write!” I nearly shouted at the man, who was obviously taken aback by the volume of my response.

“Alright kid, hey clearly you aren’t dumb, I don’t know why your sheets look so messed up but here is my advice to you. Go online and get yourself one of the grammar software programs. There is one that I think will be just perfect for you, it’s called Grammarly. Just check it out and see if they can make sense of what you are trying to say. I told him that I didn’t need it but he was pretty persistent so I said I would check it out. When I go home that night I went Grammarly and got to work. Let’s just say that I don’t think they made me rich but they most certainly allowed me to get around my grammar issues and let me get through my obstacles and to my goal.

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