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When the Second World War was over, things changed. I seriously want to believe that we won’t experience something like that in the future. Europe – with all of its faults – got it right. They gathered under the banner of the European Union, and even though I don’t like some of the things the EU is doing or has done, it cannot be denied that having union is actively preventing war in different parts of Europe.

That is no small thing. A place that was a constant theater in so many major wars, and which was home to countless internal wars, skirmishes, and operations – is now at relative peace. This is not something which is managed quickly or easily. Making peace through war, that is the basic element of the whole deal. Europe had seen enough war, and it decided to put a stop to it, and to come together.

It is amazing when you think about it, even from a non-professional point of view. An entire continent saying “enough is enough”, and laying down their arms. Wow. The rest of the world still has a lot to learn from Europe, that is for sure. It sees things a little differently, having suffered from so many people and wars over the years.

You can tell. You can see how they are not interested in war. They are doing this to their detriment, to some degree. I believe that they do themselves a great disservice when they don’t fight when they should. It is as if they are so afraid of getting mixed up in it again, that they would rather just do a whole 180-degree turn, and refuse to object to certain things.

The best way to avoid war is to promote peace, but the way Europe is going about it is not safe. I wouldn’t presume to have the scope and vision of those who wear the suits and all, but I am an ordinary guy who sees things happening which are not okay. The Europeans’ intentions are good, I agree, but this is not the way to go about it. If you want to prevent war, you need to also control what is going on inside and outside of the continent. It is a move which may prove to beget dire situations for the peace-loving Europeans. Peace is something worth fighting for, and yes – sometimes you need to fight for it. The irony isn’t lost on anyone, believe me.

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