Will Computers Rival Consciousness

Will we ever have a computer which will be able to rival the processes of an actual human brain? We have so many functions going on, all of the time. So many calculations, hormones, chemicals all up in there, neurons firing off, synapses being formed, and others being taken apart.

The amount of things a human brain can do is astounding. And, of course, lest we forget that trivial little thing called consciousness and awareness. I don’t believe AI will be a real thing. I believe we may come close, but we are never going to make it happen, at least without some which-craft-like spells which can give consciousness and vitality to inanimate objects.

The idea of a man who can make his equal is, I feel, a tad arrogant. But, like I said, I do believe that we will come as close as humanly possible to it. Also, there could actually be a way to give life to objects, like in the novel UNSONG, by Scott Alexander. Who is to say that is not a possibility?

So, our brains are awesome. Then why, oh why, are we burdening them with a system of education which was created to serve the government and perpetuate control and domination? Like Carlin said, the government wants obedient workers who are smart enough to do their jobs, but not smart enough to develop critical thinking. This is, in part, what the modern education system does. I don’t like it. I seriously don’t like what is going on in public schools and university campuses all over the country. I don’t feel it is headed in the right direction. It’s ironic how we’re becoming those computers with little consciousness

Maybe I am way off. But this is precisely why a machine will never rival a human. Not really. Awareness and consciousness breeds critical thinking. Humans have the ability to open their eyes. So open your eyes.

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