Burning Rubber

I am very sensitive to smells. Even at a gas station, I hate the smell of petroleum. The fact that it’s a chemical makes it even worse for me. It means that I am damaging my health by breathing it in. It’s really terrible. I have a very sharp scent so I know when food is about to spoil and when someone burned the toast before it’s even burned.

Well anyway, my husband and I were sitting down for dinner at home and he was heating up some leftover potatoes. He used the microwave. He brought them out and said I think the microwave smells bad. I smelled the potatoes and I told him he can’t eat those. The potatoes smelled like a dead animal. I told him he couldn’t eat those. When I went inside the kitchen, the whole place smelled like the microwave. I don’t know what happened, but the microwave was a goner. I did some research and I found at the smell we were smelling was burning rubber. The inner mechanisms of the microwave were malfunctioning. I told Zach we need to unplug it and get a new one.

It’s not a problem because the microwave is old, so it’s ok if it’s a goner. I can’t believe my husband was actually going to eat those potatoes. Like the smell didn’t bother him that much. The microwave still smelled so bad that I gagged every time I went into the kitchen. I open all the windows in the apartment. I think only now has the smell finally settled. It was truly disgusting. I can’t clean anything that’s disgusting or stinky. Especially stinky. If it doesn’t have a smell, I usually can handle it. Unless it’s like a mass swarm of bugs. I’m pretty good with bugs but if it’s like a stampede of really squirmy ones, I don’t want to.

I’m the one in the household who deals with the bugs because I’m really not afraid of them, I just can’t deal with smells. Smells are when I give up. Changing my daughter’s diapers is even sometimes a struggle for me. I wonder if anyone else always has such a sensitive smell.  Or maybe I’m just being a baby most of the time, which is very likely.

So anyway, we are getting a new microwave and I’m very excited for this new chapter of our lives. I felt the same way when we got a new refrigerator. It’s nice to get new things that actually work. We got the new fridge when we realized ours just wasn’t keeping our food cold. We literally couldn’t even store ice cream in our freezer. It was terrible. We only had ice cream soup. Basically, we couldn’t put anything in it. Good thing we got a new one before our trip to America.

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